Atmosphere Regolith Vegetation ARVE


How do changes in the terrestrial biosphere amplify changes in the climate system? The interdisciplinary ARVE team studies the interaction between soils, vegetation and the atmosphere.

Our current research focuses on how human activities have modified the terrestrial biosphere over the Holocene and how these changes in vegetation could have altered atmospheric chemistry and climate. We study human-environment interactions at large spatial and temporal scales using vegetation and carbon cycle models as well as palaeoenvironmental data.

Our current projects include:
Development and application of the KK10 global scenario of anthropogenic land cover change over the Holocene.
Global and regional modeling of Holocene anthropogenic land cover change.
Environmental footprint of agriculture in prehistoric Europe: Cultural groups and subsistence variability in time and space.
Holocene climate change based on pollen data compilation.
Resilience and vulnerability of societies to climate variability: Subsistence strategies and human carrying capacity in the Khmer Empire (AD 802-1431)
Development of a Global Historical Urbanization Database.
Holocene land cover and land use changes using pollen data.


ARVE Group

IDYST - Faculté des Géosciences et de l'Environnement Université de Lausanne Géopolis – Bureau 4413 CH-1015 Lausanne Switzerland

  +41 21 692 35 60
  +41 21 692 44 00 (secreteriat)
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Our team

Prof. Jed Kaplan : team leader
Dr. Basil Davis : senior research scientist
Andrea Kay : research assistant (PhD student)
Ryan Hughes : research assistant
Shawn Koppenhoefer : IT/IS support